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Von Miller threatened to hold out the entire season if he didn’t get a deal that would make him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. He held strong and on the last day to get a deal done, he got exactly what he wanted. Ndamkong Suh held the previous title as highest paid defensive player when the Miami Dolphins gave him a deal of 6 years $114.3 million with $60 million guaranteed last offseason. Suh held that title for one season as the Denver Broncos have now made Miller the highest paid with a deal of 6 years $114.5 with $70 million guaranteed. The guaranteed money which is the most important aspect of any contract made in the NFL was the sticking point early in the negotiations with Miller. The Broncos waited all the way up to the deadline before finally giving Miller the guaranteed money he wanted. Now both sides are happy prior to the start of training camp.

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