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Not playing Lamar Miller more down the stretch last season might of cost Dan Campbell’s job as interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins. The reason Campbell tried playing rookie running back Jay Ajayi more or as much as Miller is best explained by a report from the Miami Herald that says Campbell felt the rookie Ajayi was a better running back then Miller. Adam Gase is now the coach of the Dolphins and he might feel the same way as the Dolphins did not make a strong push to resign Miller who ended up going to the Houston Texans on a deal that pays him $6.5 million a year. The Dolphins tried to replace Miller with C.J. Anderson by signing the Broncos running back to a four-year, $18 million offer sheet but the Broncos ended up matching it and keeping Anderson. They have since brought in Chris Johnson who later resigned with the Arizona Cardinals and they have Arian Foster coming in for a visit but the Dolphins have not really been in a hurry to replace Miller besides trying to sign Anderson. This could mean that the Dolphins liked Campbell’s observations that Ajayi is the better back and they just need to find a compliment to him in the draft or later in free agency after team cuts start happening. One only has to look to Jay Ajayi’s final college season at Boise State to see he has all the talent to become a starting running back in the NFL. In that final season Ajayi rushed for 1823 yards and 28 rushing touchdowns. After a season of being eased into the NFL the Miami Dolphins might not be in as bad of shape at running back as some might think.

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