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Ricky Williams was once like Cleveland Browns soon to be former quarterback Johnny Manziel. They where both talented Heisman Trophy winning players coming out of college whose careers came to a halt due to suspensions stemming from substance abuse. Williams turned his life and career around after violating the league’s substance abuse policy four times in 2006 by going to Canada and playing in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts. After a year away from the NFL Williams was allowed back into the league in 2007. He played for the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens with his best season coming in 2009 with the Dolphins when he rushed for 1,121 yards. Williams feels Manziel can do the same saying “When I went to go play in Canada, it got my mind straight, I found my love for football again, I came back and I had another five years to my career.” If Manziel was to follow Williams advise it would mean playing in Canada for the CFL where the pressure would not be as big as it is in the NFL. Manziel currently has not followed the advise from those closest to him so it does not seem as though Williams advise would be heard from Manziel which will probably mean that we have seen the last of Manziel from now as no team would want the headache that Manziel brings to the team especially with the criminal and substance abuse problems currently surrounding him.

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