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NFL teams will no longer be able to use “probable” as an injury status leading up to games starting this upcoming season. The only injury status’s now will be “out,” “doubtful” and “questionable.” The “out” status is obvious but “questionable” now will mean that a player is uncertain as to whether they will play in the game and “doubtful” now means that it is unlikely the player will participate. Fantasy football players will now see players that are not as badly hurt labeled as “questionable” now that “probable” is not allowed. It will make it more confusing following the injury reports making it a harder decision to replace a player on your team that has a “questionable” status. Fantasy players will have to pay more attention to teams inactive list which they usually announce around an hour before the game. Daily fantasy players that play on FanDuel will have an even harder time as once they submit a team they will not be able to make any changes after the first game starts. On DraftKings players are able to swap out players at any time as long as that players game did not start, making it easier to change out players who might be listed on the inactive list because of an injury.


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