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If you played on the daily fantasy sports site FantasyUp you where very disappointed when they sent out an email announcing that it was closing and wouldn’t be able to process withdrawals of your money. Unless you where willing to spend hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars fighting FantasyUp in court to free up your money you where probably counting any money you had in FantasyUp as a loss. Enter iTeam Network to the rescue. iTeam Network has come in and taken over for the shut down FantasyUp. Not only have they taken over but they are relaunching the site and better yet they are allowing players of FantasyUp to withdraw the money from their FantasyUp accounts. This should be a lesson to all daily fantasy sports players who think its a good idea to play on little known websites in the hopes of finding a competitive edge on the competition. Sometimes it is better to stay on the bigger more well known sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. All though the bigger sites have the better more experienced players at least you know your money is safe and that you have the assurance that such a big multi million dollar operation will not go under with your money.

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