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The hits keep coming for daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings as one of their biggest investors FOX have reduced their original investment of $160 million by 60%. FOX said their decision was based on recent transactions involving DraftKings. It all started to go downhill for DraftKings when one of their employees won $350,000 playing an NFL football contest on their rival FanDuel. Questions shortly after started to rise as to how much information DraftKings employees have access to and have available to only them when it comes to preparing to compete in daily fantasy sports operators contests. DraftKings has since made changes so that doesn’t happen again but they have now been dealing with different states Attorney Generals trying to ban them in their state or trying to have a hand in helping make DraftKings contests more fair to their users. Although the loss of money from FOX hurts DraftKings, they continue to get investments such as a recent round that netted them $70 million. That money will not only help them to continue to annoy you with their constant advertisements during sporting events but it also will help them keep these state Attorney Generals off their back until they come to terms with them on a plan that will satisfy both sides.

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