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It took until week 3 but DraftKings has gotten the number of entrants right and filled their popular Millionaire Maker contest that has a $20 entry fee. The contest awards $1 million to first place. The magic number for DraftKings was 256,904 that was the maximum amount of entrants for the contest. DraftKings payed out $4.44 million in prize money for the contest. DraftKings brought in $5.1 million which left them with about $660,000 in rake. Making that kind of money for one contest assures that DraftKings will continue to run the contest with the same numbers each week. In week 3 no one won the million dollars because their was a tie for first place. Ties rarely happen in a contest this big but it did in week 3 with papagates and cmo_22wesley having identical scores of 247.20. They did have different lineups however. They shared the 1st and 2nd place prizes giving them each a prize payment of $600,000. You might want to get in on the week 4 millionaire maker contest early as it is all but guaranteed to fill again.

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